Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro Interview

This is perhaps best single Peterson interview so far. In it, Peterson develops a host of related big claims. He states and concisely explains no less than the following:

  • an account of the evolution of morality (that leaves open the possibility of divine intervention) as iterated games over time
  • an account of the evolution of social hierarchies
  • a defense of the Enlightenment
  • an explanation of why Christ is the “king of kings”, the hero of heros
  • the difference between Sam Harris and Peterson
  • an interpretation of Genesis
  • a break down and criticism of identity politics
  • a response to critics
  • a defense of cleaning your room.

My only complaint is that Shapiro keeps nodding and saying “uh huh” and “right, right” when he should just be quiet and let Peterson talk. Other than that, it’s a good interview.