Academic Research

My research analyzes ‘naturalism’ and its rivals by defining and criqituing naturalism(s) in ethics, metaphysics, and religion.

In metaphysics, you can read my published article critiquing Causal Closure, which you can read more about at here.

In virtue ethics, my book Becoming What We Are develops a novel form of ethical naturalism that builds on Philippa Foot and Michael Thompson’s concept of natural norms. I defend Philippa Foot’s ethical naturalism and criticize that of John McDowell, whose conception of ‘nature’ is contradictory. Virtue and especially practical wisdom are natural for human beings (in a sense that I explain in detail).

In the philosophy of religion, I’m currently putting Foot’s “secular natural law theory” into conversation with religious theorists such as Mark Murphy, John Finnis, and Tristram Englehardt to see whether there is any agreement, and how much, between theistic and non-theistic natural law ethics.