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Over the last 15 years, I’ve helped hundreds of students of all ages to learn and grow. My classroom culture is suffused with humor. Students explore big ideas by carefully analyzing great books and by engaging in real conversation. They succeed academically and grow intellectually by reflecting on great books, film, art, and their own lives.

Courses Taught

University of Kentucky

Asbury University

  • Philosophy of Religion (Asbury)
  • Philosophy of CS Lewis (Syllabus)
  • Virtue Ethics (Syllabus)
  • Philosophy of Science (Biola)

Torrey Academy

  • Humanities I: British Thought
  • Humanities II: American
  • Humanities III: Ancient & Medieval Thought
  • Shakespearean Literature
  • Philosophy of Plato
  • Aristotelian Logic

Freedom Project Academy

Veritas Academy

  • Humanities: The British Literature of the Inklings

Private Tutor

  • Spanish 1 and 2

Student Comments

  • “His insight allows you to do more than learn, it allows you to grow.” – Student 2009

  • “My Mom says I am more rational than when I started.” – Student 2011

  • “I don’t think a class went by where I didn’t laugh.” – Student 2016

  • “Constructed a safe place to express opinions.” – Student 2016

  • “Engaging and mind-stretching.” – Student 2016

  • “This is what college is SUPPOSED to be.” Student 2017

  • “Created Gandalf out of clay, cartwheeled into a trash can, and showed us his one finger push up. Oh and he taught Health Care Ethics pretty well too. 10/10.”

  • “Very theatrical about philosophy.” – Student 2016

  • “Makes us all feel heard, while challenging our views.” – Student 2016

  • “Understood the struggle of learning Philosophy at 8:00am.” – Student 2016

  • “None of his assignments are busy work.” – Student 2016

  • “I learned more from this class than any I have taken before.” – Student 2016

  • “By far the best instructor I have ever had here at UK.” – Student 2016

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