Congrats to Lomachenko, three-division world champion

There was a big fight tonight… Congratulations are in order to Ukraine and to its champion boxer, Lomachenko.

Enjoy the highlights at CBS.

It was a beautiful fight. English has its Alexander Pope, tennis has its Roger Federer, boxing has its Vasyl Lomachenko.

Back in 2017, I wrote about this Orthodox Christian boxer, praising the musicality of his performances. He is a musician as much as a boxer. Rhythm, rhyme, repetition, syncopation. It’s beautiful to watch.

On May 11, I mentioned that the fight was coming up and predicted that “take down his next opponent and become a three-weight-class world champion. His fighting style is, as of now, unstoppable.” Although Lomachenko got knocked down in the sixth round he showed class by thanking Linares for teaching him a lesson.

He also showed his humility by giving credit to his father and trainer saying, “My father told me to go for the body in the final rounds, so I did.”