Introducing Jordan Peterson


If you’re just hearing about JBP, don’t let anyone define him into a box for you, too quickly. Get to know him.

His critics like to use their one (and only?) trusty tool of slander and guilt-by-association.

In reality, Peterson is a clinical and academic psychologist. He has spent years in clinical practice and published widely influential research on religion, mythology, and psychology.

More recently (as in 2-3 years ago), he became YouTube content creator and political commentator.

I’ve been enjoying Peterson’s YouTube content for a while now. There’s a lot of it, far more than I have seen. He’s more than just a pundit on sexual politics. For example, he explains why your path to enlightenment goes down through the darkest parts of you, the places you least want to see, acknowledge, and tackle.

Some other JBP to explore:

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