Speaking Engagements

can bring inspiration to your event.

In addition to teaching all ages, Keith has spoken at graduations, senior nights, men’s nights, Bible studies, Sunday school, and more.

Contact here (subject “speaking engagement info”) to learn more.

2014    “Morality – Rule-following or New Life?”, Wesleyan Society.
2013   “Reading is Classical Education”, Veritas Christian Academy.
2012   “The Goodness of Goodness – Lewis’ Abolition of Man”, Torrey Academy. and Slideshow
2012    “How Vainglory Ruins Marriage – Harriet Vane in Dorothy Sayers’ Gaudy Night”, Torrey Academy. (and Q&A)
2011    “Pain and Suffering”, St Barnabas Orthodox Church. Lecture 1, Pain Purifies, Lecture 2, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity on Pain; Lecture 3, The Word of the Cross, St. Rapheal of Optina
2011    “Does Love Cover a Multitude of Sins?”, Hope Academy.
2011    “How to Lose your Faith: Ten Tips”, Hope Academy.
2011    “Hope vs. the Endless Cycle of Desire”, Hope Academy.
2011    “The Divided Self”, Hephatha Lutheran Church.
2011    “Angelology in the 21st Century: The Study of Celestials”, Torrey Academy. and Q&A
2010    “The Art of Conversation; Conversation with Art”, Wheatstone Academy.
2009    “The Virtue of Constancy”, Hope Academy.
2009    “Is Theology the ‘Science of God’?”, Hope Academy.
2009    “Sanctification: is it Possible on Earth?”, Hope Academy.
2007    “Learning From Experience”, Torrey Honors Institute, Biola University.

Academic Talks (video)

  1. “Is the Physical Cosmos Closed to Outside Causes?”
  2. Is Kung Fu Panda a Nihilistic Fairy Tale?
  3. Is Appeal to Authority a Fallacy?
  4. Is the Cosmos Teleological? Teleology without Theology in Thomas Nagel’s Mind and Cosmos