Are you ready to start a Classical Christian School?

Or are you already part of a school that is tired, deadlocked, running low on funds, or getting weird?

We need more, high quality, sustainable schools – not later, now!

And existing schools do not have to close, wind down, or get stuck. They can be re-energized, re-envisioned, restored, and re-opened.

I’m Keith Buhler and my mission is to advance Christian education throughout the nation and the world.

In 2020, we founded a parochial school at an Orthodox Church in CA.

Classical education changed my life. My mentors introduced me classical education in college after dropping out of high school. It’s my calling. My hobby. My career.

I’ve been teaching since 2007 and in leadership since 2020. Now I’m coaching, consulting, and fundraising for Christian schools (especially Orthodox home schools, private schools etc.) I’m an Alcuin Fellow at SCL and a regular speaker/podcaster on education, seeking virtue, philosophy, and more. I am on the founding faculty of Hildegard College.

Besides scholarship and teaching, I’m also big into fundraising. The economics of education are no joke. (If and when the government schools (which are failing) implode and school choice becomes the norm, then our hard-earned tax dollars can support everyone – until then we pay for it ourselves.)

We need to be able to pay teachers a living wage (with perks!) and include parents and families who don’t believe they can afford private education.

I teach educators how to use real estate investments to supplement income so they can stay in it for the long-term – and donors how to leverage their donations to support schools for the long-run.

The bottom line is this: Every human being needs to pursue virtue. And it’s better to start as children. To become wise in this crazy world requires wise teachers. Parents are a great start but children need mentors outside of the home too.

A life of prayer, piety, true other-worldly joy, and wisdom is possible.

It starts with classical, Christian education. Christian homes with marriages intact. Parishes and schools that are humble and unified. People falling in love with beauty. Having fun with logical thinking. Extreme devotion to moderation. Life-long learning.

Living well is a skill. Happiness is a skill. It’s an activity we can get better at. As adults, we lead the way for our children.

Thanks for vising, let me know how I can help you.