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This site is a guide to my personal interests and professional activities.

As a philosopher and classical educator, my mission is to help people (in the classroom and out) to pursue virtue and wisdom. The tools to this end are teaching, coaching, and modeling the practical skills that bring about human flourishing.

Achieving the high goal of human flourishing, and understanding its relation to each person’s particular circumstances, is difficult. The pursuit requires identifying and fighting the many vices that so easily entangle; and it requires cultivating virtue in daily life. It requires pursuing wisdom tenaciously.

Yet all these things are possible.

Thank you for visiting. Check out my current projects, academic research, or the “Buhler Report” blog for more interesting resources intended to enrich your journey.

Recent Activities

While teaching philosophy at a classical school, I’ve been developing a 10th grade intro to philosophy course.

Earlier this year, I spoke at Trinity Classical Academy, introducing our community to the nature and value of philosophy. The talk is titled “Philosophy For Everyone” and you can watch the presentation here:

In summer of 2018, I spoke at the ACCS conference on “Assessing for Virtue”. and received positive feedback from the 120 or so in attendance.

Around the same time I also had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Robert George of Princeton for my YouTube channel. Before that, I did audio interviews with Eric Silverman, David Bradshaw, and JP Moreland.

That same year, I joined the board of the Chesterton School of Liberal arts where I serve as an Academic Advisor.

In 2017, I defended my philosophy dissertation, titled Becoming What We Are. It defends Aristotle’s ethics in light of scientific naturalism and offers a tendentious definition of scientific naturalism.

In 2012, I published a my first book, Sola Scriptura, a Platonic dialogue consisting of of various Christians discussing Scripture and Tradition.

My most recent academic submission was revised and resubmitted in January to the Cambridge journal, Religious Studies. Meanwhile, in addition to blogging about various topics, I’m planning the groundwork of a book about classical education.