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I’m Keith Buhler, a philosopher and classical educator. I’m currently on the founding staff of a new classical academy in Southern California.

This site is a guide to my professional activity and personal interests.

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About me

My life mission is to help people of all ages to pursue virtue and wisdom. The pursuit of wisdom informs my teaching, coaching, and other activities.

In my day job, I’m a headmaster at a classical Christian school, and academic philosopher with a special interest in virtue ethics.

In other areas of the classical education renewal, I serve as a board member of two other classical schools and recently became an Alcuin Fellow (West Coast chapter).

When possible, I teach online philosophy courses for Asbury University.

Virtue is possible but it requires hard work and practice. We all need to “try on” the practical skills that bring about human flourishing, even if we wobble and sometimes fail. These skills include listening well, being proactive, self-discipline, serving others, prayer, and spiritual discipline.

Previous Activity

I’ve developed and implementied a 10th grade philosophy course introducing students to Plato and Aristotle by reading the whole Republic and the whole Nicomachean Ethics, as well as teaching them to write and argue using the medieval “disputatio” format (a la Aquinas).

In 2018, I gave a lecture entitled “Philosophy for Everyone” at Trinity Classical Academy, introducing our community to the nature and value of philosophy.

Last summer, I spoke at the ACCS conference on “Assessing for Virtue”. and received positive feedback from the 120 teachers, admin, and parents in attendance.

Around the same time, I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Robert George of Princeton for my YouTube channel.

Before that, I did audio interviews with Eric Silverman, David Bradshaw, and JP Moreland for my Christian Philosophers podcast.

Latest Post

My Final (Oct 27) Prediction -- Trump Will Win

10.27.2020 / Politics


President Joe Biden?

It’s late October and it seems pretty obvious to many people that Joe Biden is destined for the White House.

So it’s time for my four-year prediction.

Biden is a superior candidate in many ways. He has experience (40 years to Trump’s 4) and he is a fairly normal politician. He’s an insider. He’s predictable. He doesn’t motivate people the way Bernie or even Kamala did. But he’s safe.

It was exceedingly strange that Trump won in 2016. But now that he’s “inside” the Republican party, he’s still less of an insider than Vice President Biden.

In addition to conventional wisdom, there are good reasons to think Biden will win:



  • Trump is the most hated president in decades. Just as much or more as they hated him in 2016, many people think he is an evil, clownish, silly, mentally unstable person.
  • Democrats, understandably, hate him. But many Republicans hate him too.
  • Although he has Breitbart and Drudge, most of the media hate him. Even Coulter and Drudge seems to have soured on Trump.
  • Actors still hate him.
  • Comedians and other artists still hate him.

My Bet

Nevertheless, after winning almost $5 on Predictit, I am again putting my money on Trump/Pence. Why?

For some gut reasons, and other more scientific reasons.

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Prior Work

In 2017, completed a philosophy book (as of yet unpublished), titled Becoming What We Are. It defends Aristotle’s ethics in light of scientific naturalism – and offers a tendentious definition of scientific naturalism.

In 2012, I published a my first book, Sola Scriptura, a Platonic dialogue consisting of of various Christians discussing Scripture and Tradition.