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The Complete Works of C. S. Lewis

10.18.2017 / Misc


The list below supplies, in chronological order, all of C. S. Lewis’s books.

The reason for composing it is that many Lewis fans want to read “everything he wrote” but may have a hard time actually finding everything he wrote. There are lots of unpublished or hard-to-find essays, letters, and introductions. This list is only about full books. Making this list has helped me find some hidden gems in the Lewisian corpus. Hence I present it for you.

Explanation and more information on how it’s organized is below (scroll to the bottom).

Happy reading!

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  • 07.13.2017 Interview with Douglas Wilson PITTSBURGH – June 24, 2017. Scroll down for an interview with Douglas Wilson about the future of classical education. It was filmed at the Association of Classical Christian Schools national conference, “Repairing the Ruins.”

  • 04.25.2017 “Life is Suffering”, and other Jordan Peterson quotations We don’t understand the world. I do think the world is more like a musical masterpiece than it is like anything else. And things are oddly connected.

  • 04.01.2017 – A Recent Chapter on Deification His article clarifies what the notion of “becoming god” amounts to, and explains the various species of deifiction: political deification, deification through beauty, deification as magic, deification as imitation, Christian deification, self-deification, deification through Gnosticism. This is all historically informative and very interesting; the kicker is that he accurately covers our own fashionable form of deification: techno-deification.

  • 02.23.2017 – Reflections on Graduate Student StipendsNow that I am a postdoc scholar at the University of Kentucky (Go ‘Cats!), I am reflecting back on my experience as a Teaching Assistant. One thing that was hard to discover, perhaps understandably, was the expected “stipend” of graduate teaching assistants at other universities I applied to. For what it’s worth, I saved the information about our stipend. My department preferred that it not be public. But count your lucky stars you aren’t as poor as I was in 2012.

  • 12.29.2016 – This Classic Text Explains why Classical Education is BestIf you haven’t read the Yale Report, it is very good. The “Yale Report of 1828” is one of the “most influential documents in the history of American higher education” according to R.J. O’Hara. It is still a pleasure to read, and its influence should not wane.

  • 12.07.2016 – Force Awakens Wasn’t Just a Copy of New HopeIt’s been about a year since Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out. While we wait for Rogue One, it’s a good time to reflect. When Episode VII first came out…

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