Web Design

You have three options:

(a) You can pick one of these some clean, beautiful themes.

  1. Sample 1 – copy and customize this website! It’s 4 pages=about, teaching, research, with optional pages for your other interests or a place for student resources.
  2. Sample 2 – Continuous scroll – beautiful full page image splash.
  3. Sample 3 – Hyde – a brazen left navigation column with right column content.
  4. Sample 4 – coming soon
  5. Sample 5 – Mediator
  6. Sample 6 – Left
  7. Sample 7 – Scribble

(b) you can shop here for awesome themes

(c) or, for an extra fee, you can design your own!


Do you need an academic website? Hire me!

Your own lovely, professional academic site is available for a low initial cost of $100, plus a monthly $5 fee for domain, hosting, site maintenance, and webmaster services.

Alternately, for $100, I can help you design and set up your site, then teach you how to maintain it. You would then pay the monthly domain and hosting fees to those providers.

Send me a message to get started.