Resisting the results of this election is a threat to our Democracy


Threat to our Democracy

Groups like #DisruptJ20 and the coalitions they represent are a direct threat to our democracy. They reject a peaceful transition. They reject civil disobedience. They want to break the law. They are not Democrats or progressives. They are anarchists.

Whoops, Now We’re Felons

CBS News Reports that more than 200 inauguration day protesters are being charged with felony rioting. Whoops.

DisruptJ20’s Email Follow Up Begs for Money

Trump’s inauguration was met with the most militant, diverse protests DC has seen in over a decade, with blockades that shut down more than half of the security checkpoints and multiple massive marches, both permitted and unpermitted, taking the streets.

More than 100 of our comrades were swept up in a mass arrest, many teargassed and pepper sprayed before spending the night in jail. Please donate generously to support those who put their bodies on the line.

Notice the language: “our comrades” were arrested. Not “our comrades committed felonies and were brought to justice.”