Facebook Hires Quasi-Conservative, HuffPo Freaks Out


Media companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter are realizing their Silicon Valley left-leaning liberal privilege.

While Twitter is doubling-down, Facebook and Google at least are trying to strike a new balance.

General rule of thumb (for conservatives): if Huffington Post freaks out at your hiring decision, you’re doing it right. (For progressives: if Breitbart freaks out at your hiring decision, then you’re doing it right.)

Facebook hires a centrist Democrat who isn’t a flaming firebrand and HuffPo headlines her “deep Republican ties.” Not that she is a Republican, mind you, but she has “ties.”

Be careful or you’ll hire someone with deep ties to the same center-right America which has been, and is likely to remain, the core of American culture.

Which do you think media and social media companies should do to understand and represent all the intellectual diversity in the nation?

(a) Hire a token conservative
(b) Hire an “expert” who studies conservatism but may not be conservative