Keith Got a Job in CA

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I am happy to report that God has answered with a full-time job at Trinity Classical Academy in Valencia (just north of LA). In the fall, I’ll be teaching some fun subjects like Roman history, writing, rhetoric, and ancient Greek. Thanks to all who prayed, hoped, and shared their well-wishes on this journey.

Trinity is a wonderful private school, offering a challenging K-12 classical education. They employ a half dozen other PhDs already, lead by a crackerjack team of administrators. Graduates are attending Berkeley, Princeton, and other good schools.

All in all, this is truly a “dream job”. We’ll be about an hour and a half from family in the OC. My son will be able to attend kindergarten when the time comes.

We’re so grateful to take this new step in my career as a classical teacher and to put this PhD to good use introducing the next generation to the best of western civilization.

A bit of back story


In 2012, I applied to work at Trinity. However, I was also applying to graduate schools at that time.

I’ve know the school for many years and always admired the work they do. Though I opted for graduate school then, I asked them if I came back with a PhD if that would be a plus or a minus. They said that’d be great!

Now that I’m done with graduate school (Dr. Buhler, at your service!) I applied to 50 places, both college and high school jobs. I got three “requests for more information” from colleges but no offers. I got 2 job offers from classical high schools. One was in Virginia, which was a great opportunity but far from family.

I asked Trinity, one more time, if they had an opening. They said they did! I jumped at the chance to visit and interview again. They flew me out and it was a wonderful visit. I did a guest teaching lesson and talked for hours with the leadership, faculty, staff, even students and parents.

They offered a full-time job doing something I love and great potential for the future.

We had to deliberate for about 30 seconds before we said yes!

At the same time, we are sad to be leaving our home and second family in Kentucky. Wilmore has been the small-town America that I did not know still existed and only dreamed of living in. I will miss the four seasons, the fireflies in summer, the snow in winter, the endless acres of luscious green horse farms, the scenic drives, and the Southern hospitality of the people here.

I will also miss my colleagues and students at the University and church family who have made this truly a second home.

My wife bore our two children here, and we have spent five of our seven years of marriage here. But the season is coming to an end.

Now we are packing up and getting ready for another cross country move, this time back to Los Angeles.

We leave in June.

We’ll spend July in California with family, and move to Santa Clarita area (possibly Castaic) to commence school in August.