A New Documentary about the Religiously Unaffiliated


Disclosure: I worked as a production assistant on this film.

Check out this new documentary by Nathan Jacobs, titled Becoming Truly Human. It will hit your interest on multiple levels – if you are religious, or not religious, or formerly religious, or simply curious about trends in American life.

I’ve screened film before its release and can attest that it is beautifully moving in ways that reveal more about the heights, and depths, of being human.

Watch the trailer on Patheos.

As Peter Chattawy on Patheos reports:

It used to be common for people to identify with a religious tradition, even if they weren’t very observant about it. But that is less and less the case these days, as studies have shown that an increasingly large percentage of the North American public has either given up on religion or never had it to begin with. Now filmmaker Nathan Jacobs has made a documentary that tells the stories of several “Nones” (so called because they tend to identify as “none of the above” on religious surveys), while articulating his own pilgrimage through None-ness to something else.

The film will be released August 22, 2017.