A Joyless Shoe Ad

Apparently I missed this the first time around:

As an ad, it works. It’s fine. Nice shoes for modern, pretty women. I get it.

As a piece of art, it is wrong on every conceivable level. Petty, patronizing, sexist, hateful, belittling, humorless, tone deaf, vindictive, spiteful, trivial, immature, and implausible.

The only thing that mitigates All the Bad is the music, which maintains a bit of the cheery, satirical feel in the face of the joylessness and blissful ignorance of reality in the script.

Even with all that said, any publicity is good publicity and they’re probably selling some shoes and getting bigger brand recognition in their target audience: single metropolitan females who identify as feminists. It’s a small niche, but you have to have one.

The ratio of dislikes to likes on YouTube is not quite at, but approaching, Ghostbuster levels.