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The main themes include classical education, philosophy, politics, as well as high culture and pop culture.

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About Buhler

Keith Buhler (Ph.D. University of Kentucky) is a philosopher and writer from Los Angeles, CA.

He currently teaches History and Greek Language at a classical school in CA. Before that, he was a philosophy instructor at Asbury University and post-doc at the University of Kentucky.

He has written two books: the first was a self-published Platonic dialogue about Scripture and Tradition. The second, his philosophy dissertation, is about contemporary forms of Aristotle’s virtue ethics. It is titled Becoming What We Are.

His non-fiction writings on education, culture, and theology have been published in a variety of venues such as Wheatstone Academy’s The Examined Life, the Word magazine, MereOrthodoxy.com.

He studied with David Bradshaw and also completed an M.A. in Orthodox Theology from the University of Balamand. His B.A. in Humanities is from Biola University and the Torrey Honors Institute.