About Buhler

Keith Buhler (PhD, University of Kentucky) is a philosopher, classical teacher, and writer from Los Angeles. He currently holds a position of instructor of humanities at a classical school in CA. Before that, he taught philosophy at Asbury University. He uses humor and Socratic dialogue to engage students in a truly classical education. He inspires students to ask hard questions about Great Books, film, music, and their own lives.

Buhler has written two books, including one self-published Platonic dialogue about Scripture and Tradition and a philosophy dissertation in contemporary analytic virtue ethics titled Becoming What We Are. His writings on classical education have been published in Wheatstone Academy’s The Examined Life, the Word magazine, MereOrthodoxy.com among others.

In early 2017, Buhler completed a Ph.D. in Philosophy under David Bradshaw and also holds an M.A. in Orthodox Theology from the University of Balamand and a B.A. in Humanities from Biola University.

He is happily married to one of the world’s Perfect Women and has three children but no dogs or cats. In his 20 minutes of spare time per month, Buhler is a devout amateur who believes in creating for the sake of art, rather than return. He writes screenplays, poetry, and fiction, in addition to drawing, painting, sculpting, and singing tenor.