Get to Philosophy on Wikipedia

This Means Something

If you click the first blue link on any Wikipedia article (that is not in parentheses), it will take you to another article. If you click the first blue link there, it will take you to another, and another, and if you continue you will reach the philosophy page.

Pick any word, place, topic, thing, and you will “get to philosophy”. But you will loop around from philosophy forever. Every other discipline depends on philosophy but philosophy depends only on itself.

Encyclopedias and Philosophy

Why? Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. It is one of the largest encyclopedia ever created.

Encyclopedias attempt to aggregate all knowledge in one place. They are a western tradition.

When all knowledge is aggregated in one place, what happens? Categorization.

When all knowledge is categorized, what happens? Philosophizing! In other words, all roads lead to philosophy. The Wikipedia phenomenon is just one example of that.

This is philosophy is the master liberal art, the master science, the queen of all knowledge, every other discipline connects up to philosophy.

Getting to Philosophy

How does it work? Pick a random article. I did Claisen condensation. I followed the links and got to philosphy in 17 clicks.

  1. Claisen condensation
  2. Carbon-carbon
  3. Covalent bond
  4. Chemical bond
  5. Atom
  6. Matter
  7. Light
  8. Electromagnetic radiation
  9. Radiant energy
  10. Radiometry
  11. Measurement
  12. Natural science
  13. Science
  14. Explanation
  15. Statement
  16. Logic
  17. Philosophy

Do your own

Go to xefer and type in any word, phrase, place, name, or concept.