How Will Trump’s Saudi Arabia Trip be Spun?

two kings?

Listening to Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia, and watching all the pomp and circumstance… It’s all very interesting. First, it makes me glad I’m not a politician. I’m too ADD to sit through all that.

More interesting, though, is trying to imagine how the current President’s political enemies are going to try to spin this. I can’t imagine how yet, but I’m sure it will happen.

Somehow, and I’m not sure how, there will be news stories presenting some or all parts of his speech, some or all his actions unstable, crazy, undisciplined, unfit, and of course in collusion with Russia.

“Two movies” indeed, Scott Adams.


Maybe they’ll highlight how Trump talked about “his people” (the US) in parallel with King Solomon’s “people”, thus implying that Trump is a king? Maybe they’ll take offense to his using the word “extremism” or, the opposite, failing to use the word “Islamic extremism”? Maybe they’ll call it patronizing that he complained (and rightly so) about the fact that the majority of victims of Islamist terrorism are themselves Muslim? Or maybe something else I can’t even imagine yet…

Or maybe, if there is not a good spin to be spun, the trip will be ignored in favor of other issues (Isreal perhaps?) that can be spun negatively.

I’m all for criticizing our president’s many, many flaws; as I will be for criticizing the flaws of our next slate of candidates. But I’m against the concerted campaign to exaggerate these people’s flaws and minimize their strengths. I’m for honesty and balance.


I intentionally didn’t read HuffPo before writing this up. Now that I have, I see that they seem to be skipping his Saudi trip in favor of Isreal?


ere’s their angle: “President Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia has been fraught with controversy, from a potentially-illegal $110 billion arms deal, to his shifting rhetoric on Islam, to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates’ massive donation to Ivanka Trump’s “men’s empowerment” fund.”

  1. $110 billion arms deal might have been illegal.
  2. “Shifting rhetoric” in Islam is bad because what he said about Islam is bad but being inconsistent is also bad so even if what he’s saying now is good he’s still bad.
  3. Giving money to the World Bank’s entrepreneur fund at Ivanka’s behest is like donating to the Clinton Foundation and thus taking indirect bribes.
  4. And also, the glowing orb.

Not much good material here.