Real virtue wins out every time


I’m happy to announce a new interview with a classical educator, Dr. “Lou” Markos. Dr. Markos is a literature professor and authority on C.S. Lewis as well as a dynamic voice in the classical renewal.

In this talk, Dr. Markos explains next steps for classical educators, how we can win the culture war by being Frodo, why you shouldn’t go to Yale or Harvard especially if you could, and more.

(Some of the audio quality isn’t the best, but it’s audible – thanks for your patience!)

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Thanks Dr. Markos for taking the time!

Check out Markos’ Books here.

And his page at HBU here.

Some key quotes:

  • “Preserve masculinity and femininity!”.
  • “At a classical school people are healthy of body, mind, and soul. There is real eagerness.”