Wheel of Time First Impressions

The Wheel of Time is not half so bad as I feared.

In the age of Star Wars Episodes VII and IX, one can never get one’s hopes up about a new show.

I started the Wheel of Time as a junior higher, and finished it as a graduate student.

In between finishing book 7 and book 8 of Robert Jordan’s fantastical, overly sexual, fetishistic, militaristic, amateur epic, I had read Anna Kareninna, War and Peace, become Orthodox, gotten married, had a kid, moved across country, written my own book, and more. It was “a minute” as the kids say.

The made for TV adaptation promised to be dismal. It was stuck in development hell for many years.

The finished product however is amazingly good.

Aside from the woke nonsense, which is excessively stupid and unnecessary, the core elements are there.

Thankfully they corrected a lot of Jordan’s OCD repetition and found the core of a compelling Hero’s Journey centered around a Christ figure overcoming Satan.