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John Nolte over at Daily Wire provides a comedy lover’s analysis of where all the good comedies have gone. Nolte mixes two of my loves: comedy and politics. The results are insightful (if not humorous).

Short answer: gross-out comedy has overtaken all, to dismal effect.

There are lots of good ways to do comedy. But nihilistic body-humor comedy is the only path left for those who no longer believe in God, truth, justice, or the American way. (Not saying these are all the same thing, just that each provides something to believe in.)

Nolte further argues that the last ten years have seen more and more comedies that laugh at (or ignore) traditional Americans instead of laughing with traditional Americans. Liberal Hollywood of course does not see this, and so blames, I don’t know – Trump.

Incidentally, a public service announcement to screenwriters: if Nolte is right, there is a massive slice of the consumer pie waiting for someone to make a comedy that respects the heartland, center-right, American culture. They’ll give you millions of their dollars if you get the recipe right.