How can we make good use of 4 years in a university?


Questioner: How can we make good use of 4 years in a university?

Jordan Peterson:

“Read great books! Seriously! You’ve got this four-year period that’s been carved out of your lives… You’ve got a respectable identity and complete freedom, and a complete library full of the writings of people who are intelligent and articulate beyond comprehension, and you can go there and you can learn all this. Well, you learn it to get a job, or to get a degree… nonsense! That’s all nonsense! The reason you come to university to be educated is because there is nothing more powerful than someone who is articulate and who can think and can speak… Authority, and influence and respectability and competence. And so you come to the university to craft your highest skill – articulated speech.

If you’re a master at formulating your argument, you win everything. And better than that, when you win everything, everyone around you wins too. To transform yourself into something approximating the Logos means you shine a light on the whole world. There’s nothing more exciting to do than that! You’re here on a heroic mission. You’re going to take your capacity to articulate yourself to undreamed levels.”

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