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Most college students will take exactly one philosophy class. A bad professor (or TA!) can make philosophy seem boring or irrelevant. Then again, a bad professor could make Disneyland boring.

Philosophy isn’t just “thinking about thinking.” It isn’t just logic, isn’t just religion, isn’t just discussing opinions, isn’t just critical thinking. It’s the love of wisdom; the whole-hearted search for truths that do not change with the times. Philosophers explore all of reality, including domains officially reserved for science, math, religion, history, or psychology. They think deeply about death, the meaning of life, the relation between science and aesthetics, and the existence of God. Philosophy liberates you. Philosophy, indeed, is the highest liberal art.


What if I told you philosophy majors earn more than business majors?

It’s true. Philosophers don’t get much respect but, in the words of Nate Silver, “their earnings do not suck.”

Philosophy can help you to find a good job, earn a higher salary, on average, than someone with a business degree.

That said, happiness and wisdom are more important than money: Studying philosophy can make you happier, wiser, and can help you achieve your life goals.

Choose wisely.

If you do take a class, you might find it surprisingly good – depending on the professor, of course. You should make the most of your time.

This site is your guide to getting the most out of philosophy.

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Before Class

  • Read more about the benefits of studying philosophy. (Almost) everyone should study some philosophy. A philosophy degree can help you get a good job, earn higher salary than business degree, and find answers to life’s deepest questions.

When Class Starts

Class just finished?

Should I consider majoring – or adding a minor – in philosophy?

Grad School?

Should I consider graduate school – and becoming a professional academic?

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Dr. Buhler Things?

Random Fun Things?

To blow your mind, open a random page on Wikipedia and get to philosophy.

Mary Shelly

Mary Shelly, one of the first modern female philosophers.