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How Will Trump's Saudi Arabia Trip be Spun?

05.22.2017 / Politics

two kings?

Listening to Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia, and watching all the pomp and circumstance… It’s all very interesting. First, it makes me glad I’m not a politician. I’m too ADD to sit through all that.

More interesting, though, is trying to imagine how the current President’s political enemies are going to try to spin this. I can’t do it yet, but I’m sure it will happen.


Why They Keep Re-Making Classic Fairy Tales

05.22.2017 / Culture


You know all those new fairy remakes or satires that keep coming out? From Wicked, to Malevolent, to Shrek, etc. etc?

They all have a unifying premise. Let me break it down it for you:

Classic tale: Once upon a time there was a hero who was good, and a villain who was evil. The hero defeated the villain; good conquered evil.

Remake: It turns out the villain wasn’t really evil, just misunderstood. In fact, the villain was abused by someone else once. The villain is actually a victim, so it makes sense that he or she would act out. As a matter of fact, maybe the non-empathetic “hero” was actually evil for misunderstanding and killing the villain.

The end.

The Knight of Cups -- Socratic Film-making

05.17.2017 / Culture

knight pic

The Knight of Cups is, I daresay, a great and beautiful film.

I cannot recommend it without reservation because of the nudity (the shooting of which manages to convey the lewdness of Rick’s sex life and natural beauty of the female form). Rather, I recommend it with those reservations to true Malick fans and to Hollywood actors.

The surest way to hate this film is to compare it to Tree of Life. It’s just not Tree of Life. If one compares them, of course Knight of Cups doesn’t “do” as much for me as even New World – but don’t compare! If you want to watch Tree of Life, go re-watch it. Malick is moving on, moving on; he is not stuck in the past.


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