17 Times R2-D2 Saves the Universe (updated for Episode 7)


Episode I

  • When he fixes the shield of the royal starship of the woman whose children will save the galaxy.
  • When he disables Anakin’s autopilot.

Episode II

  • When he saves Anakin and Padme from the killer assembly line lava bucket by shutting down the machines.

Episode III

  • When he starts the elevator to help Obi-wan and Anakin (10:17)
  • When he confuses Grevious’ troops in the control deck (19:33)

Episode IV

  • When he gets the plans from Leia and records her message to Obi-Wan (5:00)
  • When he passes notice on the escape pod because he and C-3PO are not “life forms” (7:11)
  • When he stops the trash compactor
  • When he puts out the fire on the Millennium Falcon (1:35:35)
  • When he delivers the Death Star plans
  • When he helps Luke destroy the Death Star by helping fly the X-wing.

Episode V

  • When he helps Lando, Chewie, Leia open the door after the Empire changed the locks (1:48)
  • When he activates the hyperdrive so Luke can escape to the Rebel rendezvous (1:59)

Episode VI

  • When he sends Luke his lightsaber above the Sarlac pit (32:43)
  • When he frees Leia from her chains.
  • When he frees the whole crew from the Ewok net.

Episode VII

  • When he wakes up, and projects a holomap of the location of Luke Skywalker.

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