Media Fret the End of the Election

CNBC’s Michelle Castillo reports that large and small media outlets are already fretting about the end of record-breaking ratings when the election cycle is over.

Interest (and anxiety) in the election drama has driven up traffic, and hence advertising income. This has led to inflated staffing situations that may need to be pruned back.

It has also led, Castillo says, to the possibility that news organizations do not have the infrastructure to cover anything else but Trump, Clinton, and their public battle royal.

What Castillo obviously misses is the fact that Trump is the one driving up ratings.

If he loses, which polls say he will, then ratings will drop back to normal levels. Clinton is a “normal” politician and her antics, if the FBI’s email investigation comes to naught, will be only of interest to people who follow normal politics.

Trump is first and foremost a showman, an entertainer, not to mention a loose cannon, an insult-machine, and a controversy generator. So if he wins (which I’m guessing he will), ratings and advertisement income for media outlets who cover Trump (whether positively or negatively, whether Breitbart or Huffington Post) will remain as high as ever and may go higher.

MSNBC just brags that they need Trump for ratings.