Media Fail


Turns out Trump did not mock that reporter’s disability.

Sure, Trump has lots of flaws, but it seems this one was made up by the outrage machine. Trump mocked a reporter for backing down from his own reporting; but he did not mock a disabled guy’s disability. Check it out.

He did mock a disabled reporter, which is bad enough. But he didn’t mock his disability in particular. Trump mocks men, women, Americans, foreigners, Christians, Muslims, veterens, civilians, politicians, businessmen. He is a mocker.

You might say, “Oh well he’s still evil.” Fine fine, you can still hate ‘em for everything else, but good luck hating ‘em for this one. Turns out it was a case of “We are outraged at Trump, find a reason! Anything will do!” As one friend told me, it makes you wonder what else the media is lying about.

One complaint against Trump is that he mocks anyone at all. It’s unprofessional, impolite, crude, vulgar, and so on. That is a valid criticism. It’s different, however, from the accusation that he targets the weak, vulnerable, or voiceless. He criticizes media, politics, and entertainment professionals with a platform to strike back: Megyn Kelly, John McCain, Rosie O’Donnell, Obama, Hilary – and Serge.