The Pattern of the Trump-Media News Cycle

The news cycle the last year has followed a pattern like this: Trump says or does something, the media presents his statement or action as horrifically bad. Some criticize Trump and some criticize the media. Trump doesn’t back down, of course. He says the same thing again, or something worse, and the cycle continues.


In five simple steps, the cycle is this:

  1. Trump: “X.”
  2. Mainstream Media: “Trump said X. He is ill-suited, unqualified, bigoted, and bad!”
  3. Breitbart, Drudge, and Trumpkins: “The Mainstream Media said Trump is bad, they are biased!”
  4. #NeverTrumpers and Leftists: “Trumpkins said the Mainstream Media is biased; they are deceived, blind, fools.”
  5. Trump: “X.”

(The last element in the cycle is Clinton: “Dear God please let Trump self-destruct or let the media destroy him. That’s my only hope!”)

It is “obvious” to one side that what Trump said was really bad , and “obvious” to the other side that what the Media said was really bad. I’ve had many arguments in person, by email, and on Facebook about Trump and the news this last year or so. It’s never been “obvious” to either side that the other side’s point of view is true.

What do you make if this cycle? Is there a way to break the cycle?

(Update: Trump won. So the cycle will continue.)