How to make Iced Coffee

It’s summertime now, so caffeine addicts like myself sometimes don’t want a steamy cup of joe. We’d rather enjoy a cool, refreshing glass of iced coffee.

Why not make your own? Starbucks be darned.

I’ve been perfecting my iced coffee recipe now for more than 15 years minutes now. I’ll pass it along to you.

  1. Brew a pot of hot coffee.
  2. Pour coffee in a glass, and add milk.
  3. Add ice to cool it down.
  4. Wait until the ice melts.
  5. Still hot? Add more ice.
  6. Sip. It’s 50% water now, so it probably tastes bad.
  7. Add sugar.
  8. Sip again. Still bad? Pour it out.
  9. Brew another pot of hot coffee.
  10. Drink the hot coffee.


Update: Real instructions from a Starbucks manager!

Easy way to make iced coffee with a drip coffee maker:

  1. use your normal amount of coffee
  2. use half the amount of water you normally do
  3. add ice to your coffee pot to compensate for the other half of the water. So if you normally brew 8 cups fill pot to 4 cup line with ice, etc.
  4. press brew on your machine
  5. enjoy delicious iced coffee made Like a pro.