A Recommendation to Watch the Episode VII Special Features


I have a recommendation – and a warning.

  1. The recommendation:Buy and watch the Star Wars Episode VII Special Features. You can wait for a DVD/Blueray to ship to you or they are available on Amazon for instant gratification viewing.
  2. The warning: Only take this recommendation if you can handle another 3 months of agonizing anticipation heartache waiting for Rogue One and another 15 months waiting for Episode VIII.

The “making of” mini-documentary was excellent. It was almost as emotional as watching the film. Not that it was as entertaining, of course – but the nostalgia for the originals, the emotional goodbye to Han Solo, and the emotional reunion with Leia and Luke were made more meaningful by hearing the real life emotions of the actors, artists, writers, and the new director.

The deleted scenes were mostly yawns but one was good: the Han/Finn dialogue with stormtroopers under Maz Kanata’s cantina. Learning more about how the creatures were made and how they rebuilt the Falcon was also cool.

I also rewatched Force Awakens, and am glad to discover that I actually enjoyed it more the third time around. (The first two viewings, in the theater, were full of so much anticipation I could hardly enjoy the moment. Plus I was ill during one of those viewings.) Adam Driver’s portrayal of Kylo Ren is the primary factor, for me, that made the film.

Two more links:

  1. A fan-made Episode VIII trailer – not official, but still cool.
  2. if you have an itch for conspiracy theories about a potential relationship between Rey and the new Rogue One heroine, read this Tumblr blog. (Potential spoilers – on the off chance that any of these crazy theories turn out to be right.)